My name is Riccardo Corradin and I do web development consulting at Xebia since January 2018.

Prior to working at Xebia, I worked at Avanade for over 9 years.
I am proficient with AngularJS, ASP.NET, SharePoint, Sitecore and Windows Azure.

Especially Windows Azure has been a source of inspiration to create this blog. In september 2012 I chose to give a technical presentation about OData and Windows Azure. After having done a lot of research I narrowed down some aspects for the presentation. I had implemented a fully working end-to-end demonstration that eventually led to this blog.
In 2014 I started to specialize in client side web development. I started off with KnockoutJS and eventually switched to AngularJS, on which I am still developing up to the present day.

Next to my technical passions, I love to practice sports. I go to the gym, play tennis and take my snowboard out to the funpark occasionally.

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